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  • Water lawn for the first four weeks (depending on weather).

  • Water each area 20-25 minutes.

  • An oscillating sprinkler works best. It waters a square pattern.

  • If the lawn is damp or wet the next day when it is time to water, you can skip that day.

  • For the first two weeks of watering, evening is best. After the grass pops, mornings are best, but evenings are OK too.

  • Fertilizer can be re-applied after four weeks. (12-12-12, 16-16-16, or 19-19-19 fertilizers are great. Absolutely no weed-n-feed should be used until the lawn has been mowed a minimum of ten times!

  • Your first time mowing will be about four to five weeks after installation, depending on the grass' growth. It should be about four inches tall.

  • Grass should be mowed at a height of three inches for the first year.

  • Do not rake off the straw after the installation of your yard! It will rot away on its own.

  • If you have any questions, please call Tim (330) 723-1887.

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