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Your new shrubs need very little care from you. When your shrubs were installed, they were watered by us

(if water was available). Three to four days after installation, water everything again. Then in one more week,

water one more time. After that, your shrubs should not need any further watering by you,

unless there is a long dry spell.

If you think your new shrubs need watering, you must pull the mulch away from the base of each

shrub to see if the topsoil is dry. If it is already wet, do not water. The mulch was applied around

your shrubs to help hold the moisture, and if you over-water, the plant's roots will rot, and they will die.

Our shrub guarantee does not cover over-watering of shrubs by the customer.

If you notice any significant changes in your shrubs, let us know immediately.

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